When the gaming laws changed in Jamaica in 1970, the Hookim brothers Joseph
‘Joe Joe’ and Ernest who ran jukebox and one armed bandit distributions, decided
it was time to expand their empire. They would build their own recording studio in
the heart of Kingstons ghetto land on Maxfield Avenue. The name would become
legendary in the reggae world CHANNEL 1 STUDIOS was born. Their set up included
a pressing plant and label printing shop, everything they would need to begin recording,
pressing and distributing some of the finest reggae around. By 1976 they would also
have an in- house session band named THE REVOLUTIONARIES. Built around
drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare the band featured at various
times fellow Kingston musicians Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo, Rad Bryan, Ansell Collins, Lloyd Parks,
Uziah ‘Sticky’ Thompson, Barnabus, Bo peep, Errol ’Tarzan’ Nelsen and Skully Sims.

The band evolved from the resident group that played in Kingstons ‘Tit for Tat ‘Club,
named Skin Flesh & Bones with whom Sly Dunbar played drums with. Everything fell
into place when they backed The Mighty Diamonds classic 1976 set ‘Right Time’.
The album offered fresh new Rockers rhythms to the reggae world.This militant double
drumming style dominated the music scene from 1975-1978.

It’s from this period that this set of classic unreleased dubs came from. Channel 1
sessions that the great Bunny ‘striker’ Lee produced. In his own words ’These Tunes R
‘Istory’, not only for there Superior Sound and style. But also they were the First Sessions
that brought the legendary duo Sly & Robbie together... reggae music may never have
been the same... So sit back and enjoy some Brand New Biscuits... Straight from the
masters..Channel 1...To your Head..

Respect Jah Floyd.

CD Track Listing

1. 2 Bad Bull Inna Dub
An unreleased dub from the Bunny Lee produced '2 Bad Bull' track originally
vocaled by B. Simpson. Rare and Raw....
2. Give Up The Bad Dub
Johnny Clarke's 'Give up the Badness' stripped to the raw dub, see's Robbie
Shakespere's haunting descending bass line setting this heavy dub against
Sly Dunbar's rim shot accents
3. Dub For The Black & Dub For The White
Nice horn arrangement over this rolling Robbie Shakespeare bass line.
Another lostclassic untill now...
4. Dub Forever
This dub is a reworking of the Carton & his Shoes classic 'Love me Forever'
killer rhythm killer version by the Revolutionaries. the vocal of this dub
featured Johnny Clarke.
5. Bangerang Dub
This classic reggae tracks vocal version featured John Holt, but this rare dub
rocks all on its own.
6. Top Rank Dub
A crucial rhythm originally built from Slim Smiths 'My Conversation' , which everyone
over the years has come down on from Dillinger, Leroy Smart with 'Jah Jah Forgive
Them' and Johnny Clarke. This is the Top Ranking Channel 1 version straight from
the master tape, false starts all...enjoy.
7. Ball Park Dub
A reworking of the classic Dennis Brown track 'Going to the Ball' given the Channel One
Treatment, the vocal version featured Johnny Clarke.
8. Ageless Dub
This killer dub worked from the 'Turn back the age of Time' rhythm given the
Revolutionaries treatment.
9. Rocking Dub
Johnny Clarke voiced the original version of this heavy dub, here stripped to the
bone with it's haunting horn line carring the melody.
10. Grooving The Dub
Sly Dunbar in fine form laying down some Steppers Style drums to back drop this
raw dub workout. John Holt voiced the original version.

11. Dubbing At Channel One
Another lost till now dub plate straight from the masters...false starts and all.Sly
again laying down some great steppers style drums sweet...

12. Knock Out Dub
A reworking of John Holts 'In the Springtime' - Johnny Clarke featured on the
vocal version of this rare raw dub.
13. World Of Dub*
Another Channel 1 classic dub lost until now... straight from the masters...
14. Back Wey With Dub*
Last but not least a fine dub work out featuring some tastful keyboard work and a
lovely horn line on the fade out . proving we think that these tracks deserve to see
the light of day. Channel 1 in fine form...

•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1. 2 Bad Bull Inna Dub
2. Give Up The Bad Dub
3. Dub For The Black & Dub For The White
4. Dub Forever
5. Bangerang Dub
6. Top Rank Dub

Side 2
1. Ball Park Dub
2. Ageless Dub
3. Rocking Dub
4. Grooving The Dub
5. Dubbing At Channel One
6. Knock Out Dub

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar; Drums
Robbie Shakespeare;Bass
Radcliffe’Dougie’ Bryan;Guitar
Errol’Tarsan’Nelson,Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo;Keyboards
Ansel Collins; Organ
Skully Simms, Sticky Thompson;Percussion
Tommy McCook,Deadley Headley Bennett,
Vin Gordon;Horns

Recorded at; Channel 1
Produced by;Bunny Lee
Design by Voodoo London.
All Titles published by Westbury Music Ltd.
Made in the UK