Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are simply known all around the world as Sly and Robbie.
The musical drum and bass backbone of reggae since in early 1970’s.They have played on
more records that any other set of musicians and to such a high standard that few could reach.

Sly Dunbar born Lowell Charles Dunbar on 10 May 1952, Kingston, Jamaica, drummed his
first session for Mr Lee Perry which included a Jamaican hit, a track called ‘Night Doctor’,
before moving on to the group Skin, Flesh & Bones who had a residency at Kingston’s
famous ‘Tit for Tat’ club. This band would evolve into the Channel One house band
The Revolutionaries where Sly named after his fondness of the band Sly and the Family
Stone would begin to play along side a bass player who would become his long standing
partner in music, namely one Robbie Shakespeare.

Robbie Shakespeare born 27 September 1953, Kingston, Jamaica, had worked his way
through session bands including the legendary Aggrovators before uniting with Sly Dunbar
in The Revolutionaries. Both musicians had worked with other respective bass/drum
players including such figures as Lloyd Parks (bass), Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis (drums),
but everything seemed to fall into place when they worked together. They both had a
quest to push the boundaries of reggae music, which they would do throughout their
careers, over many sessions to numerous to mention. But highlights would include the
ground breaking Mighty Diamonds 1976 set ‘Right Time’ with its fresh rockers rhythms
which lead the way in the 1970’s. Also their work with the bands Culture and Black Uhuru
the later of which they toured extensively with,spreading the reggae vibes across Europe
and America. Not to forget to mention their Taxi label/ productions which are always
inventive whether its in the reggae field or outside where their playing/production skills
are much in demand.

The third piece of this jigsaw is the mighty Mr Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee who brought these
legends together. Born Edward O’Sullivan Lee 23 August 1941, he must be one of
reggae’s most underrated producers. Leading the way in the 1970’s especially in the
dub field and being one of the early exponents of a King Tubby remix, which would
see nearly all his 7" releases carrying a Tubby reworking on its flip side. Bunny started
his musical career in 1962 working for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle label and soon moved
into the world of production gaining his first hit in 1967 with ‘Musical Field’ by Roy Shirley
for the WIRL label. The 1970’s was a very productive time for Bunny Lee and saw the
launch of his LEE’S label which was producing hits in Jamaica. Not having a studio of
his own and renting studio time from the existing establishments like Randy’s Studio 17
and Channel One he had to have a crack team of session players to carry out this task,
fast and efficiently. This happened firstly under the guise of THE AGGROVATORS
(see The Aggrovators dubbing it studio 1 style JRCD 005) and then with the group of
musicians THE REVOLUTIONARIES (see The Revolutionaries at Channel 1 dub plate
specials JRCD 003). Its here in the latter of these groups that Bunny matched Sly and
Robbie together for the first time and its this match made in heaven that these tracks
on this release are culled from. Sessions that Bunny Lee produced with Sly and Robbie
during this magical 70’s period. These rare dubs are taken from the original master tapes,
you may have heard the tune before but not these versions.

So sit back and enjoy Reggae Musical History in the making....

Respect JAH FLOYD.

CD Track Listing
1 Sly & Robbie The Kings of Dub
2 Buffalo Soldier Dub
3 African Roots Dub
4 Crazy Baldhead Dub
5 Burial Dub
6 Good Ranking Dub
7 Top Ranking Style Dub
8 Liquidation Dub
9 Conference Dub
10 Jah Jah Dub
11 Jah Live Dub
12 Peace Dub
13 Stone Age Dub*
14 Africa Dub*
15 Rasta Man Chant Dub*
CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing
Side 1
1 Sly & Robbie The Kings of Dub
2 Buffalo Soldier Dub
3 African Roots Dub
4 Crazy Baldhead Dub
5 Burial Dub
6 Good Ranking Dub

Side 2
1 Top Ranking Style Dub
2 Liquidation Dub
3 Conference Dub
4 Jah Jah Dub
5 Jah Live Dub
6 Peace Dub

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Willie Lingo: Rhythm Guitar
Winston Wright: Organ
Jackie Mittoo: Piano
Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Deadley ‘Headley’ Bennett, Vin Gordon: Trombone

Recorded at: Channel 1, Harry J’s, Randy’s Studio 17, Dynamic and King Tubby’s Studio
Produced by: Bunny Lee
Design: Gary@Voodoo London
Manufactured Under Licence from E.Lee
Made In The U.K.