Augustus Pablo’s unique sound which was created around playing what could
best be described as a child’s musical toy the Melodica ,it made him a very popular
session player in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.It was not only his unique talent
of playing this instrument but also his talents on the piano and the keyboard.

Pablo worked on a varied amount of sessions for all the top Jamaican producers,
but especially for King Tubby at his studio in the heart of the Waterhouse district of
Kingston, Jamaica. Augustus Pablo (b. Horace Swaby, 1954, St Andrew, Jamaica)
cut his musical teeth with producer Herman Chin – Lo in 1969, with his first record
‘Iggy Iggy’. His second cut for the producer was to be the timeless ‘East of the River Nile’
which carried that haunting Far-Eastern feel that in many ways became his signature
sound. We have concentrated for this release on his sessions at King Tubby’s studio
where over a stream of producer Bunny Lee’s rhythms, Pablo’s talents were required.
Rhythms that Bunny had already cut at the various other studio’s around Kingston, for
example Channel 1 where he had recorded his cut to the’ Declaration of Rights’ rhythm.

Randy’s Studio 17, where he recorded Horace Andy’s version of Bill Wither’s ‘ Ain’t No
Sunshine’. To Dynamic Sounds studio, used for Delroy Wilson’s ‘Cool Operator’ ,
Errol Dunkley’s‘ Black Cinderella’ and John Holt’s ‘Clock On The Wall’. Even back to
Coxonne Dodd’s Studio 1 for Alton Ellis’s ‘I’m Just A Guy’. Bunny’s vast set of master
tapes, which he stored at King Tubby’s studio, were available to voice over or remix
when the occasion should arise. Pablo was recruited on many occasions to add his
magic to tracks both as a Melodica player and for additional piano and keyboards.

These tracks in many cases would be used for the flip version side of the release that
Bunny and Tubby were working on. We have compiled a set of rhythms that have
King Tubby and Phillip Smart at the controls and Augustus Pablo adding his musical
flavour to the mix to make what we believe a great album.

Hope you enjoy the set.

CD Track Listing

1 A Good Hearted Melody
2 Prophecy a Fulfill
3 Oh Mama Oh
4 Desire
5 Feel the Spirit
6 Inna Cow Town
7 Ride the Train
8 Rough Rider
9 Sunshine Dub
10 Blue Mood
11 Show No Mercy
12 Ride Mommy Ride
13 Just A Dub
14 Blowing Cool
15 Cinderella Dub*
16 Clock Dub*
17 Declaration of Dub*
18 Minstrel Dub*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 A Good Hearted Melody
Source: Left with a Broken Heart – The Paragons
2 Prophecy a Fulfill
Source: It Dread in Babylon – Prince Jazzbo
3 Oh Mama Oh
Source: Oh Mama- Nora Dean
4 Desire
Source: My Desire – John Holt
5 Feel the Spirit
Source: Feel the Spirit of Jah – U Roy
6 Inna Cow Town
Source: Cow Town Skank – I Roy
7 Ride the Train
Source: Mule Train – Count Prince Millar

Side 2
1 Rough Rider
Source: She Was a Rough Rider – Derrick Morgan
2 Sunshine Dub
Source: A’int No Sunshine – Horace Andy
3 Blue Mood
Source: I’ll get along Somehow – Alton Ellis
4 Show No Mercy
Source: Show some Mercy- Delroy Wilson
5 Ride Mommy Ride
Source: Ride Mi Mommy – Derrick Morgan
6 Just A Dub
Source: I’m Just a Guy – Alton Ellis
7 Blowing Cool
Source: Cool Operator – Delroy Wilson

Musicians Include:
The Aggrovators,
The Soul Syndicate Band,
The Wailers Band

Rhythm’s Recorded at: Harry J’s, Dynamic Sounds,
Randy’s Studio 17, Channel 1, Studio 1 & Treasure Isle Studios
Mixed by: King Tubby & Prince Phillip Smart at King Tubby’s Studio
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Photography by Kind permission: Bunny Lee
Design By: Gary @ Voodoo London
Manufactured Under Licence From: E.Lee
Made in the U.K.