Tappa Zukie’s ‘In Dub’ album must stand as one of the great dub releases to come
out of Jamaica. Originally released in the mid 1970’s, a time some say to be the
finest period in Reggae and especially Dub. It still holds its own many years later
even though coming from that Golden period when the competition was great
and plentiful.

Tappa Zukie (b. David Sinclair, Kingston, Jamaica) had become producer
Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee’s right hand man within the late night recording sessions
that took place in the 1970’s. A session would almost not begin till Tappa was
by his side. Initially for security purposes as Tappa had a great respect among
the ghetto youth but also gradually to take over the task of session organiser.

Making sure all was in place for the recordings to run smoothly. Being in such an
advantageous position led to Tappa wanting to run and produce his own sessions.

Tappa Zukie had already released his first single ‘Judge I O Lord’ for Producer
Lloydie Slim using Bunny Lee’s version to the ‘Drum Song’ rhythm as its back drop.
Bunny Lee had also released Tappa’s ‘Jah Is I Guiding Star’ and a cut that Trojan
would put out ‘Natty Woman No Cry’. But it was his work through the late night
sessions that had shown Tappa was ready to produce on his own. So working
with eight rhythms that Bunny had given him, and a further two rhythms, one
being from producer Jo Jo Hookim (which would become ’M.P.L.A.) and the
other from Producer Ossie Hibbert (soon to turn into ‘Pick Up The Rockers’)
these would become the back bone to Tappa’s ‘In Dub’ album. The vocal
versions of these cuts can be found on Tappa’s ‘M.P.L.A’ album, but it’s the
great dub classic album that we deal with here today, as a stand alone classic
that few have bettered….Enjoy !!!

CD Track Listing

1 Tappa Zukie In Dub
2 Pick Up The Dub
3 Dub M.P.L.A.
4 Beautiful Dub
5 Prophecy Dub
6 Falling Dub
7 Rush I Some Dub
8 Cool This Dub
9 Jah Jah Dub
10 Judgement Dub
11 Loving Dub
12 Rub This Dub
13 Jah Speak In Dub*
14 Way Over In Dub*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Tappa Zukie In Dub
Source: Prince Alla’s ‘Bosrah’
2 Pick Up The Dub
Source: Tappa Zukie ‘ Rockers’
3 Dub M.P.L.A.
Source: Tappa Zukie ‘M.P.L.A.’
4 Beautiful Dub
Source: Junior Ross and the Spears ‘Rasta Man’
5 Prophecy Dub
Source: Junior Ross and the Spears ‘ Hold Them Prophecy’
6 Falling Dub
Source: Junior Ross and the Spears ‘Babylon Fall’

Side 2
1 Rush I Some Dub
Source: Linval Thompson ‘Black Princess’
2 Cool This Dub
Source; Linval Thompson ‘Cool Down Your Temper’
3 Jah Jah Dub
Source; Junior Ross and the Spears ‘You Can’t Run’
4 Judgement Dub
Source: Junior Ross and the Spears ‘Judgement Time’
Ultilising the Abbyssinians ‘Declaration of Rights’
5 Loving Dub
Source: Slim Smith’ Give Love A Try’
6 Rub This Dub
Source: Alexander Henry ‘Please Be True’

Musicians Include:
Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Tony Chin, Bingy Bunny: Rhythm Guitar
Earl’Chinna’Smith: Lead Guitar
Ansel Collins: Organ
Gladstone‘Gladdy’Anderson: Piano
Noel‘Skully’Simms and Sky Juice: Percussion
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Deadly‘Headly’Bennett: Saxophone

Produced By: Tappa Zukie
Mixed at: King Tubby’s Studio by Philip Smart
Design by: Gary @ Voodoo London
All tracks Published by: Jade & Crystal Ltd
Manufactured Under License from D. Sinclair
Made in the U.K.