Two Kings for the price of one!, King Tubby the master of the dub cut,has had many
protégés that trained and worked with him over the years, as his services became
more and more in demand. Producer Scientist, singer Pat Kelly, Prince Phillip Smart
all served their time at King Tubby’s studio at his home 18 Drummile Avenue,
Kingston, Jamaica. But the person who would take his production skills on to another
level and had cut his musical teeth with Tubby was Prince Jammy, who would soon
to be renamed King Jammy.

King Tubby’s (b. Osbourne Ruddock,1941,Kingston, Jamaica ) fascination with all
things electronic grew out of working and repairing Radios and TV sets. This would
eventually lead to working with amplifiers and the lucrative work of winding transistors,
a job that was much in demand in Jamaica and work that Tubby carried on with
throughout his career. This knowledge of the way sound / music was made and transferred,
Tubby would adapt this into ground breaking ideas, like removing various parts of the
recordings. For example the vocals and distorting elements of the sound like the bass
line or drums and adding delays and echo to enhance and reshape the song.

King Jammy (b. Lloyd James, 1947, Montego Bay, Jamaica ) then named Prince
Jammy took up the vacant spot as engineer at King Tubby’s request around 1975,
after what turned out to be 5 year hiatus in Canada. Jammy had worked with
Tubby for many years previous to this and had built a great working relationship,
but Jammy had taken some work opportunity that would see him actually staying
in Canada for 5 years .It was the Tubbys offer of fulltime work and missing Jamaica
and family that would lead to his return. This would enable Tubby to continue his
electrical business knowing full well that Jammy could be trusted to run the studio
sessions smoothly. Jammy was always the first to arrive and the last to leave the
hundreds of sessions he oversaw at Tubbys studio, honing his skills that again
with Tubbys blessing and guidance would lead to building his own studio not a
stones throw from Tubbys in the Waterhouse district of Kingston.

We have selected a set of tunes that were worked on at King Tubbys with King Jammy
at the controls. Yes two Kings at the top of their game, hope you enjoy the set.

CD Track Listing

1 Stalowatt Dub
2 Mystical Dub
3 Wreaking Dub
4 Liquidation Dub
5 Ragamuffin Style Dub
6 Stormy Weather Dub
7 War and Friction Dub
8 Pride and Ambition Dub
9 Peaceful Dub
10 Herb Dub
11 Hypocritical Dub
12 Rastaman Chant Dub
13 Timeless Dub
14 Leave Babylon
15 Money Dub*
16 Jah Jah Love Dub*
17 Here I Go Dubbing*
18 Wicked Dub Style*
•CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Stalowatt Dub
Source: Cornell Campbell ‘Stalowatt’
2 Mystical Dub
Source: Natural Mystic Rhythm
3 Wreaking Dub
Source: Leroy Smart ‘Wreak Up My Life’
4 Liquidation Dub
Source: Liquidator Rhythm
5 Ragamuffin Style Dub
Source: Horace Andy ‘Don’t Try and Use Me’
6 Stormy Weather Dub
Source: Hang On Rhythm
7 War and Friction Dub
Source: Linval Thompson ‘Big Big Girl’

Side 2
1 Pride and Ambition Dub
Source: Leroy Smart ‘Pride and Ambition’
2 Peaceful Dub
Source: Jackie Edwards ‘Peaceful Man’
3 Herb Dub
Source: Kaya Rhythm
4 Hypocritical Dub
Source: Hypocrites Rhythm
5 Rastaman Chant Dub
Source: Johnny Clarke ‘Rastaman Chant’
6 Timeless Dub
Source: Turn Back The Hands Of Time Rhythm
7 Leave Babylon
Source: Johnny Clarke ‘Move Out Of Babylon’

Musicians Include:
Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, Carlton Barrett, Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare George ‘Fully’ Fullwood,
Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith: Lead Guitar
Tony Chin,Winston ‘Bo Peep’: Rhythm Guitar
Ansel Collins: Piano
Bernard ‘Touter’ Harvey, Winston Wright: Organ
Bobby Ellis: Trumpet
Vin Gordon: Trombone
Tommy McCook: Tenor Saxophone
Lennox Brown: Alto Saxopnone

Recorded at: King Tubbys Studio
Engineered by: King Jammy
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design By: Gary @ Voodoo London
Manufactured Under Licence From E.Lee