Dennis Brown has always been cited as Jamaica’s favourite singer. While Bob Marley
set out to conquer the world, Dennis’s popularity on the island grew with every year.
His most prolific period is said to be with producer Niney the Observer who led the
singer down a more roots avenue, putting Dennis on some of his heaviest rhythms.
Throwing also into the pot the fact that these rhythms were also to be mixed by the
dub master himself King Tubby we are bound to get one of the finest dub albums
around. Here it is the Crown Prince of Reggae meets Niney the Observer at King Tubby’s.

Dennis Brown (b Dennis Emanuel Brown, 1957, Kingston, Jamaica) began his illustrious
career at the grand age of eleven like many of the other child singers at Coxsonne Dodd’s
Studio 1 stable. His first hit in 1969 a cover of Van Dykes ‘No Man is an Island ’still stands
the test of time and also its follow up cut ‘If I Follow My Heart’ as Reggae classics.
The 1970’s saw Dennis build on his reputation by working with all the top Jamaican
producers and studios perfecting his sound. Lloyd Daley, Impact, Joe Gibbs, Aquarius
and Derrick Harriott to name but a few. But it was his work with producer Winston ‘Niney’
Holness that he enjoyed the most success and many say recorded his best work for.
While many of the other producers stayed with their tried and tested Lovers Rock formula,
that did prove so popular with Dennis’s voice, however it was producer Niney the Observer
as he is fondly called who pushed him into a more roots led direction, over stark rhythms
created by Niney’s studio band Soul Syndicate.

Two outstanding albums were put together ‘Just Dennis’ (1975) built on a collection of
singles they had recorded together, ’Cassandra’, ’Westbound Train’, ’No More Will I Roam’
and ‘Conqueror’. The second 1977 set ‘Wolf and Leopards’ made up again of singles the
prolific two had cut including, ’Here I Come’ (a live favourite that Dennis always liked to
start his set with).

It’s from this period that we have focused on and it’s these tracks that were taken to
King Tubby’s studio to produce this stunning album.

Hope you enjoy the set……

CD Track Listing
1 Casandra Dub
2 Conquering Dub
3 No Good Dub
4 Yagga Dub
5 Tenement Dub
6 Tribulation Dub
7 Come Again Dub
8 Westbound Dub
9 Wolf and Leopards Dub
10 Travelling Dub
11 Silver Dub
12 Africa Dub
13 My Dub
14 Take a Dub
15 Open Up Dub*
16 Give a Helping Dub*
17 Live After Dub*
18 No More Dub*
CD Bonus Track

Vinyl Track Listing
Side 1
1 Casandra Dub
2 Conquering Dub
3 No Good Dub
4 Yagga Dub
5 Tenement Dub
6 Tribulation Dub
7 Come Again Dub

Side 2
1 Westbound Dub
2 Wolf and Leopards Dub
3 Travelling Dub
4 Silver Dub
5 Africa Dub
6 My Dub
7 Take a Dub

Musicians Include:
Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, Sly Dunbar, Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace: Drums
George ‘Fully’ Fullwood, Earl ‘Flabba’ Holt, Franklyn Dunn: Bass
Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Tony Chin, Bingy Bunny: Guitar
Hux Brown: Lead Guitar
Ancel Collins, Keith Sterling, Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson: Keyboards
Sticky Thompson: Percussion
Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon, Herman Marquis: Horns

Recorded at: Joe Gibbs, Rand­y’s Studio 17and King Tubbys
Design by: Gary@Voodoo London
Photography: Courtesy Bunny Lee
Produced by: Niney the Observer
Mixed By: King Tubby
Manufactured under Licence from: Winston Holness
Made In the U.K.